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About Nino's

For forty-one years, Nino Selimaj has cultivated a talent like no other. With a humble beginning and a hard work ethic he has been able to do what few other restaurateurs have done, to warm his way into the hearts of most New Yorkers while establishing a restaurant with an incredible dedication to service and a great love for food. Over the years Selimaj has culled a large, loyal following with his magnetic personality, dashing good looks and impeccably tailored suits bearing a bejeweled American flag on his lapel. His upscale restaurant features extravagant dishes, fresh seafood, homemade pastas, table side cooking and live music.

Notables often visit Nino's Restaurant. Recent guests have included: Hilary Duff, Carol Burnett, Tony Bennett, Clint Eastwood, Angela Lansbury, Chris Noth, Chelsea Clinton, and members of "The Sopranos" such as James Gandolfini, Tony Sirico, Vince Pastore and Dominic Chianese.

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Selimaj is also beloved by the media. His name and his restaurant often appear in the gossip columns. In addition, Selimaj regularly appears on TV preparing some of his favorite recipes. He also garnered much attention when he introduced the first ever $1,000 pizza — topped with six different kinds of caviar and Maine lobster – at Nino's Bellissima Pizza.

Nino's Restaurant is the first and most beloved. It is also where you are likely to meet him if you visit any night of the week. Nino considers his restaurant an extension of his home and all his patrons are treated like the most royal of guests. You are warmed by the friendliness of our staff and welcomed into our romantic yet relaxing dining room. We tend to your every need and our knowledgeable staff always have something new to recommend. Whether you want something simple like a Caesar Salad or a more extravagant dish like the Lobster Fra Diavolo served over linguini or maybe you want to finish your meal with a little spark and you decide to order our banana flambé, we will surely impress as we prepare it all right in front of you. Don't forget our homemade pasta selection made from scratch! Our wine list is extensive and it has something to offer to all wine lovers. Finally, our talented pianists will serenade you throughout to ensure a complete and enjoyable experience.